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Houston mosquito controlYour Houston Mosquito Control Source!

No matter the time of year, mosquitoes can exist in the worst of climates. Without a hard winter freeze, mosquitoes can multiply to 100 times their presence. Most counties cannot keep up the demand to fogging and treatment of all residential areas as well as business districts. FX PEST CONTROL can treat your property and reduce and even eliminate these disease spreading pesky pests.

Hazards of Mosquito for Homeowners

Many of the mosquito problems that trouble homeowners and the general population cannot be eliminated through individual efforts, but instead, must be managed professional pest control. FX PEST CONTROL has many years of experience fighting against mosquitoes using the latest state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. Some residential communities organize to control their mosquito problems by use of mass fogging their neighborhoods and other areas after hours to minimize mosquitoes. If mosquitoes are a problem in your area, please contact us today and we will help you take control and help you take back your backyard!

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Houston mosquitoesDon’t allow mosquitoes to take a bite out of your business FOCUSED XTERMINATION can treat your property and reduce and even eliminate these disease spreading pesky pests. We are your number one source for Houston mosquito control, and supplies.

FX PEST CONTROL SERVICE AREAS Allenhurst, Angleton, Bay City, Brazoria, Caney, Cedar Lake, Cedar Lane, Clute, Cypress, Galveston, Freeport, Hawkinsville, Hockley, Houston, Jersey Village, Jones Creek, Katy, Lake Jackson, Matagorda, Needville, Old Ocean, Oyster Creek, Richwood, Seargent, Sugar Valley, Surfside, Sweeny, Tomball, Van Vleck, Velasco Heights, Waller, West Columbia, Wharton, Wild Peach Village

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[one_third_last][titled_box title=”Tips To Reduce Mosquitoes” variation=”silver” textColor=”#ffffff”]texas-mosquitosTips to reduce mosquitoes
Breeding areas translates to anything that can hold water or let water stand.

Pool owners. Run your filters often.
Empty out standing water around premises
Place mosquito control tablets in water feature or ponds to eliminate breeding
Do no over DEET yourself if you plan to apply spray. DEET can pose health risks.

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